Love RW8 But Text Above Site Is Showing Up

Hello- Long time RW user and I really like 8 a lot. Nice work and keep it up (after a deserved rest).

Quick question: When using RW8, I now have some text that is appearing above all my web site’s pages. I’ve tried to figure out where it’s come from, but can’t figure it out. I’m enclosing a sample image to demonstrate.

Setup: RW 8.0.3, Latest Stacks 3 with all my stacks up to date. Lunar Theme from Elixir Graphics (not certain the actual version number)

Anything else I can provide that would help? Thanks in advance!


The "> suggests that it’s a fragment of incomplete HTML code.

As though - if it were closed properly - it would stay hidden: e.g. a copyright string, or meta tag.

Does the string, Simulation Studios, appear anywhere else in your page?

A URL for the published site would be helpful, please…

Wow! You are amazingly fast @MarkSealey grinning:

Was thinking the same thing about incomplete code of some sort. I checked the ‘Prefix’ section of the code module, but nothing has changed there and I don’t see any reference to the Simulation Studios part.

But in answer to your question: Yes I do have a site I totally spaced on publishing it: - This is the freshly RW8 published site.


BTW- Sorry, meant to say ‘Head’ not ‘Prefix’ - Long day :smiley:

Found the problem. Total lucky shot… It has to the with the RW8 ‘Generate Social Tags’ checkbox in ‘General’. When that is checked (it was checked by default I guess), it shows that text. If I uncheck it, the text disappears.

There must be a twitter link somewhere that I should probably remove that is causing a conflict of sorts.

Here’s the checkbox I had to uncheck.

Thank you for the help!


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