Code fragment appears on every page after converting file from RW7 to RW8

I just upgraded to the latest version of RW and after converting my current project form RW7 to RW8 I ended up having a weird piece of code in the beginning of the body. This appears one each page of my project.
Unfortunately I cannot find out where it comes from and how to delete it. Does anyone an idea who to solve that problem? Thanks in adavnce for any idea!

Did you add some code into any of the page inspector windows? Or in the Site Wide code areas? I have a feeling that there is something wrong there.

Thanks for the fast response!
The problem was that I used a div-tag and an id for the title in order to use a google-font. That worked without problems in RW 7, but not with RW. After removing this and solving it otherwise the problem is gone

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