What look design for 2020?

I need to make a quick site for a client.
I’ll probably make it using Foundry.

Yesterday the client said to me “I’d like it to be one page scroll down design because thats the in thing at the moment”

It strikes me that this may not the case any more?

What is the trend looking like for 2020? Its to be a simple villa rental site so one page will work fine, but I just wondered how I should be stepping forward for 2020?


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My fancy leads to condensing info being exposed further either with “on hover” or “pop box” like exposure
thereby limiting long scrolling with launch back to the top buttons.

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This is a single page template project I’ve made for Foundry which has been really popular: https://www.templaterepo.com/#onepage

This is a multi-page template, equally as popular. https://www.templaterepo.com/#kitchen

Might give you some ideas?

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Hi TemplateRepo
Believe it or not I came across these templates last night while browsing around.
https://www.templaterepo.com/#kitchen was an instant buy for me. Actually it ties in with what tomswell says above too.
I reckon its perfect for the job. YAY!


Great stuff. Thanks for the purchase, can’t wait to see what you create.

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