Suggestion: A "Find" feature when you view the source code of a page

I was looking for a “form” tag in the source code of a long page and it took a really long time to find it. It would have been a lot easier if there was a Find or Search feature built it. I know that I can copy and paste it into a text editor and search, and then paste it back in, but that’s a pain.

Doesn’t your browser support Ctrl + F or whatever?

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I’m talking about within Rapidweaver, not when the page is published or previewed in a browser.

Which kind of page did you use? A stacks page?

Is that Stacks 4? It doesn’t appear in Stacks 3.

That’s the standard Safari/WebKit code view. You can get it by clicking on the previewed web page (or anywhere in Safari) and choosing Inspect Element

You will need to enable the developer tools in Safari to see that. And in RapidWeaver you you to check a checkbox in the Preferences

The WebKit tools give you the full power of Safari Development tools inside of RapidWeaver. And a full-featured Find UI is part of that. :slight_smile:


It is not a Stacks 4 function and it has nothing to do with „Inspect Elements“. It is a genuine RapidWeaver feature:

Go into „View Source Cide“. Click CMD - F, a search line will open and type what you are searching for


my mistake. you’re absolutely right.

your colors look slightly different to mine – it confused me momentarily. i suspect the difference is something i’ve done as a developer.

that said, if you do want to get access to the safari dev tools inspector, you totaly can do what i just said. and it’s pretty nice. it looks like this:

and the find UI is awesome. it will hunt for things not just on that page, but in any linked file too – and makes a nice list like this:


The devil is in the details. Here’s what I’ve found: The Find window only appears in RW8 if you click within the code first and then press Command-F. Once you’ve clicked within the code for any page in a project, Command-F works as expected as long as that file is open. If you create or re-open a project, and then don’t click on something within the code first, Command-F won’t do anything.

Confusing things more: There’s a Find menu item under the Edit menu in RW8. This menu item has a sub-menu that includes Find (Command-F), Find Next, Find Previous, Use Selection for Find and Jump to Selections. For unknown reasons, they’re grayed out while viewing the source code until you click within the code.

I therefore would like to modify my suggestion. The Find window should appear whenever you go to View Source, and the options for Find under the Edit menu should work whenever you’re viewing source code. Both should work without clicking within the code first. I shouldn’t have to learn how to find Find.

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