What's New in RapidWeaver (#2)

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Here’s a few of the most popular things this week:

Build A Responsive Site With Foundation Or Foundry

Ben Counsell walks you through using the Foundation and Foundary frameworks. A good way to get started building pro sites.

Total CMS v1.3.0

A huge update, months in the making, to the popular CMS from Joe Workman. Joe says, “Make sure to choose Republish All Files after updating”.

Case study: Collapsible and Font File stacks

A great video tutorial from @lucas on using Archetypon’s Font File stack to selectively apply custom fonts to your layout.

PayPalStack update 1.3.0

A welcome update for using the Bryn Owen’s PayPal stack to sell items with options (like color, size, etc.).

Jochen’s Foundation Templates

RapidWeaver Central’s Rob Beattie does a great walkthrough of some of the Foundation Templates available from Jochen Abitz. If you’re a Foundation user, you’ll want to check this one out.