What's the best book on RapidWeaver?

(Karen) #1

I bought Joe Workman’s excellent RW manual and worked through it, but it’s written for version 5 and much stuff isn’t applicable. This is part of the reason I recently got messed up with formatting text. So I went looking for newer stuff.

So far I found http://rapidweaverfaq.org/ and oh, just found https://weaver.tips/ but are there more good sites/books that people recommend? Something to keep me from cluttering up the forums with questions?

(Aaron Marquez) #2

Hi @kentuckienne - there’s always the official RapidWeaver 7 manual PDF.

Sometimes projects require specific questions / advice, so feel free to ask around on these forums. You can always search to see if someone else had the same question as well.

We’re happy to help!

(Jason Bostick) #3

www.rapidweaverclassroom.com is good and has a section on RW 7. It’s very thorough and goes at a good pace (there are also lots of other topics to look through and it has a free trial). The community site has a host of tutorials as well.

(Karen) #4

Thanks …I do have that, but it’s a bit broad in scope. Looking for more details because I keep getting in trouble.

(Joe Workman) #5

Of course there is my book… http://rapidweaverbook.com

(Doug Bennett) #6

She has that one, wanted something more current than version 5.

(Joe Workman) #7

A vast majority of that book is still relevant. But the screenshots are definitely out dated.

(Karen) #8

Yes, it’s a good book! I learned a lot from it. But I also got in trouble, by following the suggestion to control spacing by removing formatting and use the HTML tags … there seems to be some conflict in RW, where if text is treated as HTML and not as styled text, some of the formatting gets ignored. I went around and around trying to figure out why sometimes text I marked as bold would render as bold, and sometimes not. Same for italic, centering, etc. As far as I can tell, the best way to manage the appearance is to go through the RW styled text settings or use Markdown. I figured this was something that changed between version 5 and version 7, and you guys are just so expert that you don’t have to think about it.

(system) #9

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