When making a NCD Photo gallery how do I get each photo to be a url?

When making a NCD Photo gallery how do I get each photo to be a url?

Currently each album is a url but if I have 200 photos in an album I have a hard time sending someone an email and talking about one photo.

Sure the photo can have a unique code number but not easy to navigate to it.

You can use a 3rd party FTP program (like ‘Transmit’) to open a folder on your server and copy the individual image’s URL. I hope this helps…

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Chrome or Safari Development Tools -> Inspect Element on the picture.

Yeah, a little bit developer geeky, but it works :wink:

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Thank you for the ideas but I need something very quick and easy to do for our customers.

Typically they look at the gallery and then email me to talk about a certain product photo.

How about: Option-click (or right-click) on an image and select ‘Copy Image Address’ from the contextual menu? I don’t know of any easier or faster method – if I understood you correctly… :wink:

Edit: Correction! control-click instead of option-click.

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Thanks again.

But as a business person dealing with non tech customers including older customers who are at their limit using email and shopping at a website we need to have each photo be a unique URL.

Sounds like an opportunity for a developer to start selling a new add on if one is not currently available.

Also I am using a Mac computer and don’t see the option that you describe so I am sure your method works but it is not easy.

Hi, David, take a look at this screenshot:

This is how I did it: I control-clicked my avatar (I’m sorry, I misled you in previous comment saying you should option-click).

It really is very uncomplicated – even for an elderly non-techie person (such as myself :smirk: ). Once your customer has an Image Address copied to the clipboard, they can paste it to an email (press command-V). There is no need for a special add-on.

I hope this helps…

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Hi Rob,

Many thanks for your help.

Your suggest doesn’t work for me but even if it did would be too difficult.

Next step I will directly email the developer.

Sorry for not being able to give you the right suggestion. Good luck, David…

Thank you for your help!

Have you asked the developer? Usually pretty helpful and they certainly know the product best. I agree you would like the user to not have to know how to control click, copy, paste, etc. Ideally you have a simple mechanism on the site to click and create an inquiry, go to an order page, or whatever you want them to do from the image. Good luck!


Thank you for your kind words.

Yes, I emailed Nick and he sent me a very polite and friendly email explaining that what I need is complex to do. He made no mention of plans to have an update in the future.

So I am looking for a substitute - I am very much a beginner with RapidWeaver so I am learning as I go on, including how to better evaluate software.

There is an option in Gallery Stack 3, where you get a so called deep link in the browser address bar, which will lead directly to the chosen photo when opened in a lightGallery lightbox:

Example URL to a picture: http://demo.instacks.com/gallerystack/totalcms/#lg=1&slide=3

This is not actually a link to the picture itself located on the server, but a link like 4th picture in the gallery

For more info about Gallery Stack 3: http://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/stacks/gallery-stack

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Interesting - from your example it looks like a URL can be copied and pasted to an email.

Next question can the URL match the text of the photo?


No, as the text is not guaranteed to be unique.

Thanks again.

It looks like there is an opportunity to design a gallery that can work well with individual page links.