When making a NCD Photo gallery how do I get each photo to be a url?

(David ) #1

When making a NCD Photo gallery how do I get each photo to be a url?

Currently each album is a url but if I have 200 photos in an album I have a hard time sending someone an email and talking about one photo.

Sure the photo can have a unique code number but not easy to navigate to it.

(Rob D) #2

You can use a 3rd party FTP program (like ‘Transmit’) to open a folder on your server and copy the individual image’s URL. I hope this helps…

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3

Chrome or Safari Development Tools -> Inspect Element on the picture.

Yeah, a little bit developer geeky, but it works :wink:

(David ) #4

Thank you for the ideas but I need something very quick and easy to do for our customers.

Typically they look at the gallery and then email me to talk about a certain product photo.

(Rob D) #5

How about: Option-click (or right-click) on an image and select ‘Copy Image Address’ from the contextual menu? I don’t know of any easier or faster method – if I understood you correctly… :wink:

Edit: Correction! control-click instead of option-click.

(David ) #6


Thanks again.

But as a business person dealing with non tech customers including older customers who are at their limit using email and shopping at a website we need to have each photo be a unique URL.

Sounds like an opportunity for a developer to start selling a new add on if one is not currently available.

Also I am using a Mac computer and don’t see the option that you describe so I am sure your method works but it is not easy.

(Rob D) #7

Hi, David, take a look at this screenshot:

This is how I did it: I control-clicked my avatar (I’m sorry, I misled you in previous comment saying you should option-click).

It really is very uncomplicated – even for an elderly non-techie person (such as myself :smirk: ). Once your customer has an Image Address copied to the clipboard, they can paste it to an email (press command-V). There is no need for a special add-on.

I hope this helps…

(David ) #8

Hi Rob,

Many thanks for your help.

Your suggest doesn’t work for me but even if it did would be too difficult.

Next step I will directly email the developer.

(Rob D) #9

Sorry for not being able to give you the right suggestion. Good luck, David…

(David ) #10

Thank you for your help!

(Geoffrey Renk) #11

Have you asked the developer? Usually pretty helpful and they certainly know the product best. I agree you would like the user to not have to know how to control click, copy, paste, etc. Ideally you have a simple mechanism on the site to click and create an inquiry, go to an order page, or whatever you want them to do from the image. Good luck!

(David ) #12


Thank you for your kind words.

Yes, I emailed Nick and he sent me a very polite and friendly email explaining that what I need is complex to do. He made no mention of plans to have an update in the future.

So I am looking for a substitute - I am very much a beginner with RapidWeaver so I am learning as I go on, including how to better evaluate software.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #13

There is an option in Gallery Stack 3, where you get a so called deep link in the browser address bar, which will lead directly to the chosen photo when opened in a lightGallery lightbox:

Example URL to a picture: http://demo.instacks.com/gallerystack/totalcms/#lg=1&slide=3

This is not actually a link to the picture itself located on the server, but a link like 4th picture in the gallery

For more info about Gallery Stack 3: http://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/stacks/gallery-stack

(David ) #14

Interesting - from your example it looks like a URL can be copied and pasted to an email.

Next question can the URL match the text of the photo?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #15


No, as the text is not guaranteed to be unique.

(David ) #16

Thanks again.

It looks like there is an opportunity to design a gallery that can work well with individual page links.