Novice/RW7 - Need Guidance on Galleries

Hello everyone

I’m on a steep learning curve and trying to become sufficiently exert to make up family websites with photo galleries, as well as dedicated pages. In this day of iPhones we take sooooo… many photos its become a thankless task to to sort and keep them in order.

I am sure my skill level and needs are very similar.

I want to have an adaptive website because I know some folks use desktops and others iPhone sized displays

I really just want to "dump"photos into a web folder (preferably NOT Apple Photos) and have them populate a gallery creating thumbnails and allowing an easy way for a visitor to scroll.

I have stacks (of course) and with RW7 I bought Gallery 3 thinking that this would work. The online docs do not align with what I see on my screen and while its been easy to link to apple public folders that I have created, I thought I could just ftp the selected photos into a subdirectories of my site and use the FTP/Webfolder option to point to as the source of the photos. This does not work for me. I’m on GoDaddy and have PHP5.6 active.

Gallery 3 is about the best I can find so can someone here be kind enough to point me in the right direction. I am aware of CMS but think this is way too complex for what I want, but I’ll take advisement from you experts here.

I have mastered adding images in Gallery 3 with a thumbnail and like the way it works on my Mac and iPhones.

I’ll never be a Website Creator for my career but I enjoy making this stuff work and have had good success with the new themes from Elixir Graphics (Voyager Pro) Help me solve the Gallery problem and I’ll be happy for now.

Thanks everyone

John A

Why just don’t drop me an email with questions?

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