When Publishing Fails

I love Rapidweaver 7’s new publishing feature. Really, I do. Especially the threaded publishing, and I am particularly happy my hosting provider supports uploading simultaneously in all 6 threads (Lightning last!)

What I do not like, is the fact that publishing almost always fails the first time, but I have learned to live with that. The website gets usually published the 2nd time. Or the 3rd. Or the 4th. Or the 5th.

Do you see where I am going with this?

When publishing of a particular thread fails to upload, Rapidweaver returns a message: Couldn’t upload to your FTP server. An information (but not very informative) button to the right, when clicked, reveals:

Timeout was reached (duh!)

URL: ftp://[your server’s IP Address]

Well, thank you very much! Thank you letting me know the cause of the failed upload. And thank you, also, for letting me know my FTP server’s IP Address. That’s all valuable information I wouldn’t otherwise have.

But do you know what would be really cool? You’d have never guessed it, so here it is:

I lied. I do not really need a “URL: ftp://[your server’s IP Address]” button. What I would really, really need, is a “Re-try-to-upload-this-particular-thread-so-that-I-do-not-have-to-re-upload-the-entire-website-all-over-from-the beginning-button”.

That’d be super. Thanks.