Unreliable Publishing

I know there’s already some talk about this, but adding my voice: Rapidweaver ALWAYS fails on the first attempt to publish (“re-publish all files”). It uploads a few files and fails. The second attempt is fine. Doesn’t matter how many connections.

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Do you get any error messages? Crashes? or anything else?

If so, I’d probably send those directly to realmacsoftware support and/or yourhead support (if you’re using Stacks).


Thanks Isaiah, it’s a ‘failed to upload to server’ type message, no crashes. And yes, with Stacks. Will send over specifics…

If it’s upload. I’d try reentering all the FTP credentials. If you’ve recently updated to Sierra sometimes those bits don’t transfer easily for security/privacy reasons (it happened to me, grumble grumble).

You might also check the specific FTP settings themselves (number of allowed connections, etc).

If none of those things seem to improve anything, then I’d recommend contacting Realmac. I believe there is a special logging mechanism they can help you enable that will show more detailed logs of the upload process. Unfortunately, that’s sort of out of the purview of a plugin dev like me, so I don’t have much info about that.