How to move modified theme and old plugins from RW6 to RW7?

I’ve moved to RW7 from 6 and my one and only project uses a modified version of the Alpha theme. I currently have both 6 and 7 installed on the same Mac and I have the RW6b .rwtheme file available.

When I load the project into RW7 it complains that the theme is not present and defaults it to another theme. There doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to move themes between the versions - am I missing something? I’ve seen mention of the “Copy Addons from RapidWeaver6” but I’m not sure if this applied, and it’s disabled anyway.

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Drop your modified theme on the RW7 icon (in the dock or in the Finder window). That will install the copy of your theme into RW7’s proper location.

If I am not mistaken, Alpha theme is quite old and is not responsive. You may want to consider using a responsive theme this time around…

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Thanks for that @Rovertek - I do appreciate your comment about responsiveness, but right now I’d he happy if I could just get my site working! I’m also using the FlexibleList plugin which seems to be no longer compatible.



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Make sure that you have all add-ons up to date and installed in the proper location. My suggestion in previous post pertains to all types of add-ons (themes, plugins, stacks) and is the most fool-proof method of installing. A lot of people do not know where their add-ons should be installed. In RW realm, location of add-ons changes from one version to another, unfortunately.

Well, I’ve got the latest versions from the FlexibleList site although I suspect it’s well out of date by now as it doesn’t list RW6 compatibility.

I have the .rwplugin file in both my “~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver” and “~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver 7” directories and have restarted RW7, but don’t see the plugin. I’ve had a look at the relevant help page (with missing video) and tried the steps listed there, but that hasn’t results in any success.



Having had a good look at what’s there, it’s going be a lot quicker to dump the plugin and move it to Stacks.

Excellent decision! Without Stacks, RW feels like a crippled software…

And now…having imported the project, all the pages NOT using the outdated plugin work fine, with correct images etc.

However I need to rebuild some pages with images - which obviously exist inside the project since I can see them, but I cannot see a way of finding them. If I add an Image Stack and then browse for images I only find stuff on the filesystem, not in my project.

Is what I am trying to do actually possible in RW7?

Using “resources” within RW has always been a difficult proposition. Many of us just do not use resources at all and instead, we use “warehousing” on our hosting servers (images, PDFs, videos, etc). That way, not only this method is more “bullet-proof”, but also decreases the size and the complication-level of a project file (win-win situation).

Most modern stacks, if not all, that use images, allow warehousing. Check out the multitude of image stacks at this address. There are paid and free (donation strongly encouraged) stacks there. I’m sure you will find one that fits the bill…

OK - will follow that up. Many thanks for that Rob, and for all your help so far.

Glad to be of help…

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