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I use a 2012 MBP to update my Rapidweaversite and since I am never sure where the files are I just keep the l;atest version on the desktop. I want to be able to use the new MBP but am worried about how it will find the files. I seem to remember reading Dropbox does not work well.

Any suggestions.

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

Dropbox works perfectly fine. The biggest problem is “human error” in that you need to make sure everything is synced via Dropbox before opening on a second computer. RW 7 even has an option where you can choose where to save all your add ons. I (and others) have chosen a folder in Dropbox. No problems at all. Easy sync between home and office e computer. (I still need to update RW itself on both computers, but not any stacks or other add ons.)

See attached image.


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Matthew -


Setting up a dropbox folder for all right now.


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Great! Just be very sure to give the “other” computer enough time to sync files when you open it. Avoid that pitfall and all works very nicely.

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OK-One more question

When I go to open the website I get this error message

But when I look at the files dropbox is identical to my files on the old MBP.

The Foundation theme is listed

And when I look at stacks, Foundation is listed.

so I guess I am missing a step.


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Storing RapidWeaver files in dropbox was earlier a problem… for some. I’ve had a few clients having their RapidWeaver files ‘ruined’ because of file sharing through dropbox.

BUT I’ve not had any problems for the past couple of years. Most of my RW projects – those I work on ‘all the time’ – I store in my iCloud. All my RapidWeaver addons are stored in my DropBox.

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(Mathew Mitchell) #7

I’m not sure how to answer you question. Hopefully someone else can answer.

I believe this is a one-time thing. But I don’t remember as I did this procedure a long time ago.

  • are you sure your various stacks and other addons have synced before doing that step?
  • are you sure the Foundation theme is listed in your folder? You need the THEME in addition to the stacks.

(David) #8

I seem to recall this issue coming up on the forum before - the Foundation theme got renamed to “Foundation-3.rwtheme” or similar, perhaps due to having downloaded multiple copies to the same folder. The solution was to remove the “-3”, so it’s just “Foundation.rwtheme”. Worth a try anyway. Perhaps @zeebe can chime in on this.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #9

Yes, it could have something to do with then -3 behind the name, just rename it to


and see if that works

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