Where can I store my examples

Where can I store my examples i keep getting when I buy plug in’s so they show up in my example page when i first call up Rapidweaver? like the ones that come with it do… ??

I have so many new plug in’s I will forget this way maybe I will remember them lol…

Thanks in advance!


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RapidWeaver uses the Recent Items area from macOS X, so there is no way to store it inside of RapidWeaver. You can suggest this to @dan and see if it is something they could add in an update. Would be a good idea, they could link to a folder and you can keep all of your demo projects in that folder and then have them there ready to go. So many developers make demo projects now, it would be a useful thing to have.

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Been thinking the same! Great idea, hope we see a practical solution for it in the near future.

I have the same question

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