Which add-ons for website with click-on, link to scroll gallery? Thanks

I have a very basic website with RW7. Now I how RW8 and would like to create a website similar to Squarespaces’s ‘Avenue’ which shows a grid layout on home page of images/projects. Once you click on one of the images, it links you to a scoll page where there are more images for that project.

I would was going to buy Stacks, Foundry and/or Gallery? but I don’t really know which addons would help achieve the result I am after, and I don’t want to buy anything in error. I would be most grateful for any advice or suggestions. Thank you very much.

You could use Joe Workman’s Foundation and Total CMS

Hi Guy,
Thank you, I think I have just about got it to work with Stacks and Links… random trial and error.
Thanks again for the advice : )

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