Which frameworks (pro / cons / features - this is too much for me ;-))

Hi all

This shouldn’t start a blaming discussion on all the different frameworks, but before I spend hundreds of bucks to find out what is the best framework suitable for my ideas, forgive me the naive question about all the frameworks.

I have a website (fotografie.io) which shows primarily images, some stories about these images and also a few of my portfolios.

…I am searching for a framework which is responsive and has a fast web page load time. Sure, later should a web shop and a news feed aggregator being included. But for now only photos and stories are relevant. First question yesterday was if I should use a separate blogging stack, and how can I integrate google maps?

Currently, as a RW learning environment I start using UIkit3, stacks, Gallery Pro and of cause RW8.

…thanks for any inspiration

To my knowledge, all the ”frameworks” are responsive. Although some might be marginally lighter (making them faster) than others the most significant difference in page speeds will occur from what content is on the page. The host can also have a pretty large impact on how fast a page loads.

That sounds like a pretty good environment for more than just learning. I don’t have UIkit3, so I can’t tell you much about it, but my understanding is its a quality product. Is there something that you think it doesn’t do that the other frameworks will? What about UIkit makes you think about switching?

You can add a map stack, online store and blog to what you have now or any of other frameworks or traditional themes. To my knowledge none of the other frameworks comes with those things.

There is no “best” framework. They all seem to do the same things. You can find a lot of posts and even more opinions on what one is best. Most of the opinions are just that.

I think you might be better off asking specific questions, rather than looking for general “pros and cons”.




…free and powerful…


UIKIT 3 is v good framework. I also like Joe’s Foundation and I still have some sites using Freestacks. Given you already have UIKIT3 I would stick with that. To get the most out of any of these frameworks you really need to understand CSS. The Frameworks make using it and managing it easier but its worth if new to making this effort as things will become clear and you will get more out of it.
In speed terms there is nothing wrong with UIKIT3 and it is certainly responsive. Joe (Workman) at Weaverspace has a good google maps plug in.

… absolutely right. I am using UIkit3 for a few days and it feels good to work with it. This topic, as I said, shouldn’t be a platform for blaming something. As a one who is completely new to this RW area I try to find out what are the differences between all these frameworks. Btw: Sound like a good idea to lean CSS for a better understanding how to use all these frameworks.

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