Which gallery to use?

I am new to Rapidweaver and would like to make a photo gallery that has text descriptions for each photo and Category descriptions hopefully with flexibility for fonts and font sizes.

The gallery will be reached from a link on the front page of my current website.

Zoom etc will be good to have.

Later I will have videos in the gallery.

If I can build the gallery within Rapidweaver that would be great if not I can buy a gallery.

I am using PHP7 so the gallery needs to work with that.

I’ve just bought Gallery Stack 3, it’s amazing and has so many options, might be worth taking a look although I’m not sure about the font flexibility, perhaps Jannis can advise :slight_smile: http://instacks.com/gallerystack/

Look at the several photo stacks from stacks4stacks.com he offers demos of his stacks you can try before you buy

I saw that one and it has a lot of options and uses PHP7 so it may work,

Thank you.

A nice website - thank you

I just looked and saw this

What was interesting is that I don’t swipe myself but maybe others do…

If you need more options look at his

Thank you for pointing out the Pro gallery.

I am using Photo Stack from https://nickcatesdesign.com/preview/rapidweaver/photo/

Thank you - Very interesting - I am going to spend some time looking deeper into this one.

I didn’t see any mention of PHP7 but hopefully it is compatible.

Its not using PHP It works with just a .html extension on the file name. I can’t see why it would have issues with PHP7 you could just pop @nickcates a PM he will have the definitive answer thought as the developer.

Thank you everyone,

I made my decision and bought Nick Cates Photo

It seemed like the layouts were very flexible so that was made me buy it in the end.

Thanks @scottsteven for the mention! Yes, Photo does not require PHP, making either .php or .html fine to use.


Do you have any special stacks that you suggest that work very well with Photo?

I plan to put my Photo gallery on an HTML page that will have text and photos.

Would need a little more info on what you’d want to do with your page. If only having photos and text, then the Photo Stack and basic text stacks alone should be sufficient.

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I now have bought over the last few days:

Rapidweaver, Photo, Stacks 3 and the Foundation bundle.

So I think I have the basic tools that I need and for the first time I am having fun with creating webpages. My current goal is to be able to create a magazine style website with different layouts and fonts etc…

My long term goal is to create a product catalog which have add to cart buttons which bring the order into separate store software where order and customer information would be in databases. The reason for this project is to have more creative control over product display and if the store software ever had a problem and went offline I would still have the magazine stlt catalog on the internet.

Around 10 years ago I started working with Dreamweaver but with no software background (only a basic understanding of databases) and creating tables and simple pages with poor HTML was as far as I got and I did not enjoy the process.

Now things are mostly going smoothly. I noticed that text for placing under photos had a slider bar limit of size 17 which is not large enough but I think I will soon figure out a solution.

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