Ultimate Warehouse stack weaveraddons and php 7.3

Hi there, I acquired long time ago from weaveraddons the Ultimate Gallery Stack. I use it on the website of my wife. She is a ceramist. Altough I keep asking for text she almost only give me photo’s. I decided some years ago to make albums with the categories of her work and used the Ultimate Warehouse Gallery. I choose this also for the square thumbs generated on the server, without handcoding. Maintenance is simple:

  • with Mountainduck i have the warehouse-folders on my desktop
  • items sold -> photo to the trash
  • new items -> drag the new photo to the right folder
  • open browser -> point to the changed menu-item -> wait 20 second and ready!
  • and no rapidweaver opening

Recently she started a new line of dancing teapots and cups. Adding a new gallery is simple:

  • adding a new folder with photo’s to the warehouse
  • opening RW -> duplicate a gallery page -> change the url to the new folder -> upload to server
  • open browser and open new menu-item

Here is the new item with her twisting teapots and cups (with ‘pas de deux’ and even ‘Sacre du printemps’):

I now get an warning from the provider of the website space, that they will be upgrading their php from 7.1 to 7.3 in the near future. I think the stack was originally build with php 5.

My question for this board: will this stack function after 7.3??? And do i have an alternative stack with the same ease of maintenance (just dragging photo’s in the finder) and square thumbs??? And more future-proof for the coming years.

greetings dirk vermeulen

I’m not familiar with this stack or developer. Can’t find anything listed on them.

There’s a number of good galleries available that are still supported by quality developers. Two come to mind with what I think is the functionality you described.

As for PHP compatibility with your existing stack you might consider testing it yourself with MAMP. The free version would work. MAMP allows you to easily run a web server (Apache, PHP and mySQL) on your Mac. You can set the version of PHP.

But if the stack developer is gone, it might be better spending the time picking and switching to another gallery.

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I know that stack works on Php 7.1 and you can tell your server people to set Php to that…at least for a while…

The author of Ultimate Gallery is long gone, I’m afraid. At some point it’ll likely break and you’ll have to re-build the pages anyway. Both of @teefers suggestions are good ones IMHO.

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Tried the MAMP suggestion: the Ultimate Gallery Stack seems to work also under PHP 7.3.8. It takes more time to generate the thumbnails then on the webserver of my provider. That could be my old MacPro3,1 being to slow.

So switching to php 7.3 seems possible for now. But i will also look at the InStacks Gallery.

thanks all for the help

greetings dirk

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