Which Stack , Add-on or Theme should I buy?


I looking for either a Stack or add-on which to purchase that will allow me to display the content of either a data file (CSV or XML format) or a SQL database (that I would load the file into) in a grid of 4 or 5 across by 6 or 7 down. The content of each cell will contain a html link to an external site for graphics and will also have some text fields. If the user clicks on the cell it will take them to a new webpage we more information about the item. This will also come from the same data source.

I think that I should be looking at an online store type product or maybe a CMS product. The data will changes most days and the website pages will need to be very dynamic.

The sort of lay which I am looking for is similar to Boutique from themeflood.

All suggestions welcome.



Hello @stevie_d ,

The screenshot of my Boutique theme (I’ve attached it again below to safe guard in case the link breaks) is using a page created with the RapidCart Pro plugin by Foreground.

Grids really are not too difficult to create in RapidWeaver and there are several ways they can be accomplished. Indeed my free AdaptiveGrid or UsefulGrid stacks are well-suited towards quickly generating a responsive grid.

However your requirement of needing to interface the grid to a CMS does limit the options open to you somewhat. My Filter stack has the ability to read items from a plain text file you can host in any public location. But you might not need all the filtering / sorting capabilities that Filter stack brings.

WeaverPix is another option, in that you can manage a collection of images and associated caption content / links remotely (outside of RapidWeaver). Using a free WeaverPix theme like UniformGrid would generate a responsive grid of linked images or captions.


Hello Will,

Thanks, I will give them a try.