Which stack can do THIS?

(Matthew Abourezk) #21

Well… I finally got the answer to my question… the incredible “Sections Box” by Big White Duck. Its amazing and goes far beyond what I need. There really is no end to what you could do. Is it as easy as drag and drop? Nope. You need to put a bit of elbow grease into this one, but the learning curve isn’t bad (even for someone like me who is terrible at understanding the technologies of the www) and the results are really incredible.

If you want to see the first thing I have built with Sections Box, take a look at the home page of my website. I currently have three images that I am using the hover options. (FWIW: hovering causes the images to turn reddish and text and lines appear and move into place.).

(Jason Bostick) #22

If you happened to be at the Rapidweaver Conference, Paul’s session on animations using Sections Box was pretty outstanding. It’s definitely a powerful stack.

(Matthew Abourezk) #23

Heh… Jabostick, I just saw that you suggested Sections Box to me back in June. Guess I missed that one. Well, Onward and Upward!

(Jason Bostick) #24

I’m not one to turn down credit but it was ‘only’ Sections Pro that I suggested back then. Pro is great as well but Sections Box is it’s own beast and should rightfully be highlighted as well. :+1: