DK Hovermate Sizing?

Hi, Im trying to style my banners on my homepage with the ‘Hovermate’ I have 3 banners side by side.
But it seams by using the Hovermate it stretches the banners out and takes over the entire width not only thing but my images are also cropped to the right. If I do change the “with” parameter the image will resize but the crop will remain… How can I get rid of that crop?

Anyone know anything about this stack?
They have extremely poor support for there stuff… No tutorial videos and nothing in writing on the website of how to use or troubleshoot. :neutral_face:

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??? Anyone know why my images are being cropped to the right when trying to resize!? ???


I can understand your frustration and unfortunately I can’t help you with your problem. Have you sent a support request to Dominik (DK Stacks)? I’m sure he’s willing to help you fix the problem. But to be honest, it’s only 16 hours since you posted here the first time and it’s weekend now. You might need to have a little more patience. Bumping your post every 8th hour will not do you any good either. This is a community forum, not a 24/7 instant reply support channel. People will help you if and when they can and want to. Bumping your post will only make them annoyed and less inclined to help.


Good point Leif,

Just Monday is my deadline and I really wanted to use the Hovermate to add the last touches on the site, guess I just got a bit frustrated have been trying to crack it for hours.


Might be possible to supply some short term workarounds if you post a link to the site…?

Sorry the site is not live…

Basically I have figured out how to resize the banners now… Im having problems with the the Responsive… my banners are being cropped to the right when resized for various devices. I am trying ‘Fluid image box’ < Resp 3 Column < and in each column I have placed a ‘Hovermate’ stack. It looks good in Full With on iMac but if I start resizing and viewing for varius devices the images get cropped to the right.

Ok. Without being able to see it I, personally, would have a tough time suggesting anything useful, sorry.

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Have you checked “Force responsive styling” in the fluid image box stack?
I have a similar setup and don’t have a problem with DK stack…? What theme are you using?

Does anyone know if DK Stacks is still actively in the RW business? Their Twitter & Facebook feeds have been pretty dark since last March. I really like their Hovermate stack, but I wanted to ask about modifying the opacity of the text in the non-rollover state.

Do you have a link to a site exhibiting the issue?

Hi Stuart. I do not have an active link yet. I have a screenshot here ( that shows the issue. Basically, if the image is clean and with a lot of empty space around the type areas it looks great. However, on a more complex image it looks too distracting over the image. Ideally, what I would want is the text to be ghosted down to a mere hint in the non-rollover state. It is a great stack, so I am hoping they have not exited the RW world.

Looks like you need to adjust the opacity with those complex images, so the text stands out more.

Not digging that idea at all…
I want the pics to stand out on their own, and the linking and additional caption info to be secondary.
Thanks anyhow.

Can’t you set the opacity on hover? That way the pix stand out in their static state and the text a bit more when you hover.

Nope… if there was it would be an easy fix. I like the “Phillip” style, as it works well style wise with the square shape of the pics. The “Genie” style does have a more ghosted caption, but it also has a large “X” rule behind the type on rollover. The “X” competes with the legibility of the text (and you can’t alter that either). I have tried sending another support email through their site, and also through their Facebook page. I was hoping that someone would know either of a fix, or if they were even still in the RW biz. Cheers…


The basis of your solution is probably going to be CSS like this:

figure.effect-bubba h1
	opacity: 0.1;

figure.effect-bubba p {
	opacity: 0.1;

But that was based on the Philip effect as shown on the demo site so If that that doesn’t do it for you then I’m afraid I (for one) really would need to see your published site to help any further.


Thanks Stuart! I will give it a whirl. Test site will be up in about a week or so.

Does anyone know if DK Stacks is still even operational?

Hi Michael,

Yes, DK’s still operational and will respond here as soon as he can.