White Space Theme Update: now including 10 Free Stacks

We have just updated th White Space Theme to version 1.5 and the theme now includes 10 free stacks to take advantage of the KUBE framework. Build complex layouts or add additional features without writing any line of code!

Want to see some examples using the KUBE stacks? Head over here:


The new theme version is RW7 only. While there is still a version for RW6 included, we won’t further maintain it and to use the new free stacks, you will have to use the RW7 theme.

With this new release we will raise the price in the next few days, so be sure to check it out now or you will miss the deal :wink:

For more information about the theme, visit the preview page at:




Do the kube stacks only work in White Space Theme? Bought this and tried using the message stack in another theme. Did not show.

Yes, the stacks only work with the KUBE framework (at the moment only the White Space Theme).

Amazing freebies. Interesting that it reverses the approach of other themes, such as Foundation, where the theme is free and the the stacks are paid for – not that the White Space Theme costs much!

Well, my focus is on the theme(s) and so the stacks are a plus not the other way around.