Does anyone have (rapid-ideas) Kube Stacks from the Whitespace Theme?

… is now dead.

I’ve lost my Kube Stacks somehow. The Whitespace theme came preinstalled with the Kube stacks but after a system cleanup and OS upgrade, RW can’t find them. They appear to be gone, I obviously lost some data in the process of upgrading my OS. Lesson learned.

Rapid-ideas and the company itself are not responding to contact.

Before I start again with a different stack, I thought it can’t hurt see if anyone has this stack!


Sorry to hear about loosing stuff.

No backups (like TimeMachine) prior to upgrading the OS? If you have a backup, you should have be able to get what was lost from it.

I don’t think I have ever gotten anything from Rapid Ideas.

@dan, @ben Rapid Ideas still has a lot listed on the RapidWeaver Community Site. All the links are coming up 404’s. Do you have a wait to contact the developer?

We’re looking into it… if we can’t contact him or work out what’s happened we’ll have to remove them from the community site. Shame.

Anyone know how long the site has been down for? might just be a temporary glitch…

Quite a long time. I checked end of 2019 I think with the same result…

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll get them removed — @ben is handling this now :+1:

Send you a Message :slight_smile:

Rapid Ideas owner has another site

In which he says he is not working in this field any longer.

Wouldn’t hurt to email him and ask if he could supply a copy of the stacks.

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True :slight_smile:

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