DON'T UPDATE [If you can afford it]

I wanted to refresh my website before this summer. Still working under RW 5 I thought “ok let’s update”, RW 7 seems to be fully stable now and I was excited to taste all these new things, software, stacks and maybe some RW7 compatible themes.

So I upgraded, updated all those stacks. I will make it short. Many crucial things that were fully working before updating didn’t work anymore. By itself Pluskit 4 doesn’t work as well as 2, TelePorter stacks becomes unreliable, FitMyVideo conflicts with Cycler, Cycler with Toggle…

I spent a week trying to fix problems. Fortunately all previous versions of everything was saved. I downgraded everything (RW and stacks) and rebuilt my website with RW 5.4 in 3 days, everything works perfectly.

Now I keep my fingers crossed hoping RW 5.4 will not become obsolete because of a future MacOS version.

Most of the users are already on RW7.

Better to contact each plugin / Stacks developer first, they will be happy to help you.


It depends… I had some good experience with some developers in the past. This time I would still be waiting for two answers… It was definitely faster to give up and downgrade.

Sorry to hear about the issues you encountered when upgrading to RapidWeaver 7.

As Jannis mentioned, it’s good to visit the developer websites and get the latest versions as many of them have been updated for RapidWeaver 7 compatibility.

My recommendation would be to duplicate your project file (backup), and work on upgrading that project file (keeping your original intact).

RapidWeaver 7 has many more features, and we are constantly looking to improve it - we want you on RW7! :wink:


I don’t think there’s many of us here that use RW 6 let alone RW 5 which is very old now.

I’d upgrade and experiment with new stacks to get the effects you need. I understand this may be time consuming but it will be worth it in the long term.


Not to sound unsympathetic to your issue, but I do not understand users that just do not keep older versions of RW on their systems and use that before they know 100% that the latest version of RW works for them. I have RW 5, 6, and 7 on all of my machines, and they run fine. Plus, the updates to 6 and 7 did not overwrite your project files as they both had different file names (.rw6 and .rw) so your original project file should work just fine with RW 5 still. Every update to any software can cause issues, that is why I always download the whole update and not just update in app with sparkle or any other updater (except Mac App Store apps).

Hopefully you will work all of this out without any other issues an get to working with RW 7 (which is a great update by the way) and start to enjoy it.


I enjoyed many aspects of RW7 especially when you come straight from 5 there’s a big difference. My point is in the title : if what you have runs well don’t take the risk of upgrading. I am not a pro, this is not my job, I personnally can’t afford to spend extra time to fix problems emerging because of updates (+ the extra costs).

I still don’t understand how a combination of software and adds-ons which are “old” can achieve tasks that the same combination (everything updated) can’t handle properly.

Getting away from RW… I have some old apps on my iPhone that still work though haven’t been updated since 2013. However, I have some that do not.

Another example: Photoshop updates. There came a time when older computers could not process the newer versions.

This is not limited to RW. It’s a global software issue and pretty “normal.”


I know you are right (I experimented it with Logic). It can become a nightmare when for some reason you can’t live without the update. For now I think I will stay stuck to my old set up as long as it does the job and don’t try again to “fix something which is not broken”…

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I get it, I do. I refuse to update to CC from CS6 (Adobe Creative Suite) and the monthly subscription until I absolutely have to.

But I happen to think RW is one of those that really does need to be updated on a regular basis or you will have more of a problem later on when you really do have to. The guys and developers are making changes daily/weekly. My 2 cents :slight_smile:


I too stopped at CS6. I don’t use the stuff daily so I’m loathed to give them $$$$ every month. Instead, I’ve been using Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. As capable, well thought out, and no subscriptions. Currently on sale, around 40 each USD. It’s amazing! You should check it out :slight_smile: (not affiliated in any way, btw, just a fan.


Exactly my situation and I also recommend Affinity apps. There’s a bit of getting used to, but it’s worth it. Say ‘NO!’ to subscription plans!


I will never rent software. RW, Third Party RW or anywhere else.


hi @LSPhoto, i am still on cs 4, but… i switched offer to “affinity photo” and “affinity designer” a couple of months ago. absolutely stunning and - on top of it - dirt cheap. they are supposed to come out with “affinity publisher” in the fall!
just sayin’ cheers, tomas


Another +1 for Affinity.


Exactly the contrary for me :rage: I had no problems, I began to have several when I updated…

OK, see I took your title completely different. Shouldn’t your title read [If you CAN’T afford it]?!? If you are talking about the costs that you can’t afford, or am I missing it?!?

You have to realize, one of the updates (can’t remember which one) turned RW from 32 to 64 bit, meaning older plugins that were written in 32 bit would NOT work with the new version, making you have to update them. Older software with older add-ons can still work together as they are meant to, but the newer RW just can’t with some of the older add-ons. It took some of the developers a lot of time to update their software to work, they should be able to ask for compensation.

Again, good luck, and I do hope you go back to trying to get RW 7 working for you, it is much better than RW 5.


Well my title was ambiguous and ironic on purpose. Because it costed me to update on money side but on the software side I could save this because I could live without those updates. it makes sense when said in french maybe I should say it differently in english sorry… Maybe I should write “If everything works just fine”.

As I said I updated everything : software and ALL my stacks including PlusKit and Stacks.

So for me RW 5.4 with previous versions of my stacks with Stacks2 and Plukit2.92 works fine and it used to work fine.

With RW7 and all my stacks in latest updates I get problems and can’t replicate what I had before. BTW one week later I still don’t have any answer from the developers I asked questions about my new problems…

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Perhaps you could be specific about what problems you are having. Someone on the form maybe able to help you out, since the developer is not being responsive.

That I think would be more productive than warning people not to update. Most people don’t have the kind of problems you are experiencing with updates.


I agree with you. I was a little on my nerves when I posted this not mentioning the few bucks missing in my wallet for just nothing…

But for now after spending a week then three days to downgrade and rebuild everything I am not ready to go back to it now that it’s working. I really don’t mind if my website is made with RW7 and fresh stacks or RW5 and old stacks from the moment the job is done.

That said to answer your question… Some stacks didn’t work together anymore.
plusKit @import page and TelePorter could not work together (in some cases one does the job the other doesn’t)
Cycler won’t work if there is an @import page in the same page
Toggle stack won’t open for some reason I don’t remember.