My gallery has messed up

My gallery has photos missing in both edit and preview modes. All photos seem to be there when published but some are overlapped and bunched.

I am a bit of a website novice. I’m not sure how long it has been like this but it has definitely been working fine before.

Has this been a problem for anyone else.

I’m not sure if I should just delete this gallery page and start again but it will take a while as the photos are not all in the same place.


  1. The Alpha Theme is a fixed width Theme, perhaps go with a responsive Theme instead.

  2. You have spaces in your folder names… this is a no-no as it can cause unexpected behaviour inside browsers.

  3. Your image names are generic and generated by stacks or the photo album plugin page type, you should give each a unique filename (no spaces) and unique alt text content.

  4. Perhaps you are missing a sub-folder for your images and they are added to this page instead of sub-pages?

Without knowing what version of RW & stacks, what page type you are using (Stacks or Photo Album or other plug-in page type) it is tough to help.

Showing some images of your RapidWeaver page in edit mode would be useful (PNG or JPG).

Places to start looking anyway.