Why didn’t RW upload those files?

(RW8, Stacks, Foundry)

Today I wanted to change the file-structure (the path) for the files from 1 topic of the site.

So with my FTP-client I deleted those files from topic 1, because I wasn’t sure if RW would change the structure .

To my surprise RW did not recreate / upload those files - although I had ‘touched’ the files from topic 1.

(I managed to save the situation by uploading to the other server, downloading all files to the Mac and the uploading the bunch with the ftp-client.)

→ Why didn’t RW upload those files, which had been deleted on the server?


with best regards,

Omar KN

Stockholm, Sweden

RapidWeaver doesn’t check the server for files that have been deleted or changed. RapidWeaver won’t delete files (a good thing) for you on the server either.

You can tell what pages RW will republish by the “blue” indicator by the page name.
You can also right click on a page name and republish individual pages.
You can also republish all files from the menu or by clicking the little arrow next to publish on the menu bar.


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