Why is RW 8.8.3 (and every other version) uploading so many files?

This is a very old question but I have yet to see a satisfactory answer to it. Why does even the smallest change to a page cause RW to republish massive numbers of files? I have a 2-page site and made very minor changes to a contact form on one page. RapidWeaver attempted to publish 2100 files and failed, having timed out. I exported the site to local storage and uploaded it using my venerable Transmit 4. Having made an additional change, I tried to get RW to update the website, but it again decided that there were 2100 files to upload and it timed out again. I exported the changed site to local storage (which took about a second). I then used Transmit which uploaded 1 file and took another second. RW must know that there are not changes to 2100 files when it saves to disk, so why doesn’t it know this when it FTPs? I am perplexed and rather despairing.

I doubt this is a RW issue per se. A few years ago I experienced a similar issue to you. I systematically deleted various stacks from the project until I found the culprit. This happened a couple of different times involving different stacks. In my case I just stopped using the stacks causing the issue and went with another solution. I’m not saying that’s the best approach: it would be better to first contact the relevant Stack developer.

… at any rate, I’d suggest creating a copy of your RW project the publishes to a different location. Then experiment. I’d probably start by deleting the contact form stack and see if that makes a difference. But I’m just guessing and it could easily be something else.

I’ve had it with every project I’ve ever created.

Wow! And any stacks in common across projects? For example, same contact form? All I can say is this is very unusual behavior. Your experience is not typical for the great majority of folks. Clearly something is wrong … still worth seeing if you can eliminate a specific stack as the culprit, then move on (if needed) to other possible explanations.

No stacks in common. I don’t think it’s unusual. People have been commenting on it for many years. Most of us just gave up.

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