Website preview of changes do not show on internet

I have been using Rapidweaver 7 since it was launched and had no problems until now:
I have initiated changes and additions using Stacks, they show in the Preview, but when ‘published’ they do not show on my site via the internet. The relevant changes show up in the files in my ftp account…Can anyone help, please?

FTP onto your site. You probably have both ‘index.html’ and ‘index.php’ files. Delete the ‘index.html’ file. Browsers will prioritise this over the ‘index.php’ file, which probably contains your updates.

Thanks will try…

Also make sure you have cleared the cache on your browser

To help you debug - use ftp/sftp or your host file manager to see if the new file is in fact being uploaded. Check the timestamp on the file. Also to help debug - export the single page to your Mac and again, upload it (to proper directory on your server) using secure ftp.

Hi Greg…
I am not that ‘techy’ have not got a clue what you are talking about or how to do it! Thanks for the post though…
Still working on the first reply I got… I went through the index html files, dented a couple and all O got was ‘Forbidden’ when logging onto the home page via the internet…

Probably easiest if you give us a URL to a specific page that has been changed and tell us what the change should be - then we can go and check it.

Hello Peter - These things are basic to maintaining a website. You really should take the time to learn about them. It will be a great help to you in the end. The “host file manager” should be found on your site “control panel.” When you obtained your website you should have received info (from your host) for your control panel log in. Most people who maintain sites will use their favorite ftp/sftp app. That is actually what Rapidweaver is doing when you upload you website pages. But an FTP app will show you the files on your server in detail just like Finder on your Mac. You can see files, folders, timestamps, etc. There are many apps, some free ones too. Check the Apple App Store for FTP apps. FileZilla, Transmit are a couple. I use Yummy FTP but it is a paid app.

Just trying to help but I’m a bit confused as you mentioned in first post “my ftp” account but then replied that you didn’t have a clue what I was talking about when I mentioned ftp. Best of luck in solving your issue.


HI Greg,
Thank you for your reply, I had not got back to you as was trying out things! Anyway I stubbed all files in the ftp host and uploaded a saved site from April before the changes I made and that uploaded fine! So at last I am up and running again. I will bear in mind and work on what you have suggested.

*scrubbed - for ‘stubbed.’

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