Why does the EDIT window turn black?

Hi there,
does anybody know why the EDIT window suddenly turns black when activated? It has been white all these years/decades and all of sudden it turns black whenever I want to edit something which is highly disturbing.

Is it possible the option in Stacks Preferences is the culprit?

Usually when I get a glitch like that I’ll delete (temporarily) each stack on the page in turn, to see if any of the other stacks is causing the corruption. If that doesn’t work, then I try a new Text stack on a new blank page or project, see how that behaves. Your conclusion should give you an idea what’s going on where.

Hi Marten,
thank you for your assistance. I tried it out and found that this happens in every stack and every RW file I got on my computer… It seems like it is somewhere in the overall system…?

It might be due to your mac having dark mode enabled?

Thank you, Joshua, I thought about that too but my Mac is fully on Light Mode…-:slight_smile:

Don’t panic guys… the real Stacks pro is here to save the day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

CleanShot 2024-04-05 at 2 .58.38

There’s a little switch you can use to toggle between dark and light mode in the bottom left of the text edit area. It’s worth noting that this is independent of the Stacks preference.

Happy Weaving!


Hey… good to have our real Stacks pro around! Thank you for solving the mystery… the problem is that that little switch can hardly if at all be seen when in dark mode… Anyhow, problem solved. Kob Khun krub

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