Why is my text hidden with new css code


I’m trying to add an option (.strap-left) to have the text left justified rather than center justified to my Johnson box css code, but when I try to use my new option, RW6 stops showing the (red) text using it. What am I doing wrong, and how do I fix it?

1 CSS original and my addition-highlighted

So I’ve got that text working on my published page by NOT putting it in pink in RW6, but I would rather it took the font size etc from the page… see working box with text at:

RW6 when using the original code correctly shows the red text:

RW6 with my new option which now does NOT show the red text.

My addition (.strap-left) to the css code is not working, but I just took the original, changed its name and its text justification. But RW6 is now ignoring my text using my new formatting.

HELP, what am I doing wrong here? How do I fix this and/or my new code so it still shows my text.

All help gratefully received, many thanks, Cris

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