Why is this happening after the 7.2 Rapidweaver update and how can I get rid of it?

The exporting site window appears after publication complete and just stays there.
Using Rapidweaver 7.02
OS X Latest version
Mac G5

Is it the same as this?

humm - this looks similar my Blog export problem… When I export my blog, what took 25 seconds in RW5 and RW6 takes 13 minutes in RW7. See 4th and 5th posts in this topic: Export Single Page to Local Folder gone in RW7?

Steve, the date is June 13 of this year, but I dig the time-warp idea… nice touch. Wine-o’clock or what? :wine_glass:

Seams to have been released May 24… gah, time flies.

Looks to be 7.0.2, but what’s a zed between friends? Gotta go wash the car…