Anyone else experience these issues with RW7?

Hi All,

I have two minor irritations using RW7 and before I open a support ticket with RealMac/YourHead, I thought I’d check if anyone else experiences the same:

  1. Installing stacks seems incredibly slow. After double-clicking on a stack file in Finder, it can take up to 5 minutes for the stacks install window to display Done, then a further minute or two for the Done button to be enabled.
  2. Even in edit mode, I am randomly getting the “Exporting [page]” popup as I navigate between pages. While this isn’t major, it does slow things down a bit and is rather irritating.

Anyone else getting this too or is it just some issue with my particular machine/installation?


Yes. If we could turn it off, that’d help when on a slower machine…

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Are you on 7.0.2? Which theme? Latest stacks"
7.0 had some funny habits in that direction in combination with some themes…

Yep RW Version 7.0.2 (17812), Stacks 3.1, Foundation 1.7.2.

Any Theme
All Stacks

I have no problem with installing stacks but do have the ‘Exporting’ popup that you describe, not always and I probably couldn’t recreate it everytime but I do get it! The joys of early Rapidweaver release adoption!!! I think I have been so damaged by RW6.0 that I’m happy it works ta all.

I have 7.02 and Hive theme … I am experiencing the same issue with the exporting page popup and am also having problems publishing my site.

On my SSD machine at home, the ‘Exporting … page’ takes but a second or two as I change from one page to another, and so is almost not an issue.

But with a magnetic hard drive on other machines, it holds me up every time I change pages for up to 15 secs.

Yes, it’d be useful if it could be fixed.

Are we perhaps missing a setting to turn it off, somewhere?