? Why is this happening

(robert ballard) #1

why is this happening? Do I need to make 1 folder that keeps all the files for the webstore? Or, is this a iCloud thing. This happens when I close the program and re-open the site.

I’m using RW8 with Cameo.!

(Dave Hughes) #2

Lots of discussion on this already.

Try this thread:

Hope that helps


(robert ballard) #3

I’m using 8.2.1, still happening!

(Dave Hughes) #4

I think you need to relink all your resources - regardless what version you are using. It was an Apple change to sandboxing.


(robert ballard) #5

This am I updated
my OS to High Sierra. Once it was done I opened RW and then the Webstore. Opened without a hitch. YEA!