Manitoba or the like for artist's website

Hi all,

I had designed a website years ago using the Manitoba theme. Now back to RapidWeaver for a new theme for the site. I must admit I am a bit rusty but will polish my skills.

I am looking to create an artist’s website with lots of pictures and not much else. So I need a simple theme with a good implementation of a gallery module (stack maybe?). Here is a reference to the site I’m looking to create:

Any suggestions are welcome…


I’d take a look at Archetypon’s themes. There are some good ones there designed specifically with displaying images in mind.


+1 for Archetypon’s themes for images, but I also really like Theme Floods Xense for this kind of thing , however it is very different to the example site you posted, worth checking out though.

Good luck!


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Take a look at superbox stack

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