Not sure what I used

(Brad Smith) #1

In this screenshot, I’ve grabbed a list of pages on a site. Does anybody know what theme/stack/addon I’ve used for the 1950s, 1960s etc etc? The icon appears to be Mountains with a tiny moon. I ‘think’ I used Nick Cates’ Reason Pro theme for the main part.

(Christopher Watson) #2

Hi Brad.

That isn’t a theme. Those pages are the Rapid Weaver standard Photo Album plugin page type.

(Brad Smith) #3

Thanks Christopher. I had the words ‘Photo Album’ rolling around in my head somewhere but couldn’t find where the answer lay. You may know, is there somewhere in the file that tells you the theme, stacks or plugins that you’ve used? Not just the ones you’ve purchased, but those pertaining to that particular site?

(Greg) #4

If you view the html source on your site it will tell you which theme you used. I had a sticky beak and it is the “Reason” theme.


(Brad Smith) #5

Thanks Greg. Much appreciated.