WON'T UPDATE :: Collage2 2.4.1

Is anyone else finding that Collage2 2.4.1 (Build #1990) WONT UPDATE???

If so, does anyone have an alternative source for the update?



Oh that’s no fun. I’ll double check the auto-updater settings.

Yes, just download from our website. Install it just like normal. It will pick up your license/registration.

After you install the new version, you should open up your addons folder (Cmd-Opt-7) and make sure that only one version of Collage is installed.
Whenever I see auto-updater trouble I find it’s a good time to just have a look through the addons folder and make sure that everything that’s there is up to date and really needed. Do a little spring cleaning.
Sometimes when there’s an too many old versions hanging around is when the auto-updater has the most trouble.


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The latest version of Collage can not be updated with RW 7.1.6.

Any ideas?



exactly the same here and given the number of times 7.1.6 has crashed, this pop up just adds to the annoyance

I tried with 7.1.5 with the same result. I experience no crashes with RW 7.1.5. or 7.1.6, just this update can`t get through.

You can always get the latest version here

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The update also fails on RW 6.4, same message

That worked very well. Thank you!

Works like a CHAMP… Thank You !

Yep, there was a problem with the appcast. Auto-update should again work as normal.

Thanks for the heads up everyone. :slight_smile: