WON'T UPDATE :: Collage2 2.4.1

(Gnosis Media) #1

Is anyone else finding that Collage2 2.4.1 (Build #1990) WONT UPDATE???

If so, does anyone have an alternative source for the update?

Collage can not be updated
(David) #2

(Isaiah Carew) #3

Oh that’s no fun. I’ll double check the auto-updater settings.

Yes, just download from our website. Install it just like normal. It will pick up your license/registration.

After you install the new version, you should open up your addons folder (Cmd-Opt-7) and make sure that only one version of Collage is installed.
Whenever I see auto-updater trouble I find it’s a good time to just have a look through the addons folder and make sure that everything that’s there is up to date and really needed. Do a little spring cleaning.
Sometimes when there’s an too many old versions hanging around is when the auto-updater has the most trouble.


(Jan Fuellemann) #4

The latest version of Collage can not be updated with RW 7.1.6.

Any ideas?



(LJ) #5

exactly the same here and given the number of times 7.1.6 has crashed, this pop up just adds to the annoyance

(Jan Fuellemann) #6

I tried with 7.1.5 with the same result. I experience no crashes with RW 7.1.5. or 7.1.6, just this update can`t get through.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

You can always get the latest version here

(Pedro Perdomo M.) #8

The update also fails on RW 6.4, same message

(Jan Fuellemann) #9

That worked very well. Thank you!

(Kenny White) #10

Works like a CHAMP… Thank You !

(Isaiah Carew) #11

Yep, there was a problem with the appcast. Auto-update should again work as normal.

Thanks for the heads up everyone. :slight_smile: