RW warning when saving or publishing

RW warning

No other program is open and it always comes when I’ll publish or save. I have no idea why it’s coming - started by itself about 2 weeks ago

Sometimes this happens when the finder or the macOS changes something and it reflects on the file.

Is the project file stored on your hard drive or a cloud based service like Dropbox?

Sound reasonable, but it started despite no updates to macOS.
When was the last update to RW, I use 8.6.1

I use Seagate “Mirror” backup, where I store in local map, which mirror to Seagate backup SSD

I get that often. I have a habit of saving (in any app) just before I close the app. If, in RW, you hit SAVE and then QUIT, RW tries to save the file when it’s still saving your previous seconds before save.

If I save and wait 5 seconds to quite I NEVER get that msg.

Remember, RW does auto saves at points. I suppose also you could hit SAVE at a moment when it’s doing it’s own save. It’s not really “another” app it’s in conflict with. It’s itself!

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But the msg. comes at all times when I hit SAVE or PUBLISH, not when closing or at exit.

That’s what I’m saying. You save while RW is trying to save. I believe it autosaves at these times. Also, Is your project on a “cloud” service?

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Hm I understand that it can happened now and then, but everytime? Some times I publish one page a time, perhaps with a couple of minutes between, and every time it occur.
By the way - I can’t find any information about auto save at preference or online.
Ok I can live with it, but there’s must be some reason that

I’m just throwing out ideas and my personal experience. It doesn’t happen to me every single time. Only when I save and the app is saving too.

My experience is same as Greg’s. When you hit “Save”, do not start another process (like publishing, or quitting) before RapidWeaver has a chance to finish the saving process—the bigger the file, the longer it takes to save it—this may take a few seconds or more.

BTW, I consider auto-saving as a bad idea. Once RW auto-saves, you can not revert to a previous state. Rather, turn off auto-saving and get into a habit of frequent manual saving.

I don’t want to offend anyone, but…
Message appears in 2 ways:

  • when I press PUBLISH
  • when I press SAVE

I simply press PUBLISHER and when published I press SAVE or vice versa.
What bothers me the most is that msg. tells my that ANOTHER app HAS CHANGED doc files and

I can’t find AUTO save in RW preferences or any info about it on RW homepage. If RW does AUTO save it would have been mentioned somewhere?

I am not totally sure whether or not RW still offers auto-save, because I have never cared for that feature. But I do know that it used to offer auto-save some time before version 8.x

RapidWeaver I think will automatically save the project when you publish. The standard Mac “auto save” feature that many Mac apps use was turned off a long time back. It was causing a lot of problems, don’t remember what but remember it was intentionally removed.

If you hit save and every-time you get the warning message then my best guess is it’s the “mirror” backup that might be causing the issue.

Since you said it happens every single time you save it would be easy to test. Turn off the mirror and hit save. If you still get the message then it’s something else.

I never used the Seagate mirror program on a Mac. The built in TimeMachine app works flawlessly and doesn’t create any errors or problems at all. I did use their mirror program on a windows machine years ago, but The built in Windows backup App was a crapshoot as to working or not.

I’m on the latest version of RW. I always made sure autosave was off. Because of that I guess I didn’t realize that autosave is no more. I apologize if I provide incorrect information about there being an “Autosave.” I do know it does do a save when you publish because that is when I see the conflict.

You would think that the developers could tell you if they generate that msg and what causes it. There has been discussion on it before and if the RW folk has explained the msg I’ve not seen that. It is an odd message in that it says “Another app” - what other apps would have a RW file open? (rhetorical only). It’s just a very very odd message that RW should be able to explain.

Again, I’m sorry for passing any wrong info…

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