Wordpress E-mail subscription button

Can I add a Wordpress e-mail subscription button to a Wordpress blog from my RapidWeaver website?

More than likley, is it just an HTML button

I am trying to find that, but I do not see an HTML link to do that.

The email subscription button on your wordpress blog, where did it come from?
is it a constant contact button?, Mailchimp? Who is your mailing list provider?

That’s where you get the button code

It shows on Wordpress as a follow button on a floating footer area, but I think maybe a Javascript popup after you press button and then you put your e-mail in and hit submit in that popup window.

Go here and see the follow button in bottom-right. Click it and see the popup.

I wish I could get the same popup on my site or a link to do the same thing.

Your blog is hosted by WordPress.com and is not a self-hosted WordPress.org site, so your customization options are much more limited as to what you can do (i.e., plugins, themes etc.). Probably the easiest thing to do is just link to your WordPress contact page from your RapidWeaver site.

Here’s the code for the Follow Button for your blog:

<a class=“wordpress-follow-button” href=“https://jtwritesblog.wordpress.com” data-blog=“https://jtwritesblog.wordpress.com” data-lang=“en” data-show-follower-count=“true”>Follow J.T. Writes on WordPress.com</a> <script type=“text/javascript”>(function(d){var f = d.getElementsByTagName(‘SCRIPT’)[0], p = d.createElement(‘SCRIPT’);p.type = ‘text/javascript’;p.async = true;p.src = ‘//widgets.wp.com/platform.js’;f.parentNode.insertBefore(p,f);}(document));</script>

Not sure if WordPress.com offers an embed option for the email subscribe widget. I’m not seeing it.

Thank you Bob! Yeah, that is only for current Wordpress users to be able to follow. I guess I will just link to contact page and have contact (follow via email) link.

I cannot find an embed option on the email subscription.