Missing Links when RW8 file is opened on a different computer with RW8

The Setting:
I use both a MacBook Pro and an iMac.
I save my all my files in Dropbox.
I built a site in 2017 using RW7.
I’ve upgraded to RW8 to both computers…great tool!
I’ve been working on the site on my iMac…it’s looking good!
I ‘saved’ the updated site to a new folder in DropBox.
I opened the updated site on my MacBook Pro to continue updating/revising the site and I get this window telling me about all of these missing links…lots of them.
The Question:
Doesn’t saving the updated site to Dropbox using my iMac save all of the links?
If not, is there a way in RW8 to “package” the entire updated site on DropBox without having to “manually/individually” save all of the links separately on MacBook Pro?
I did see a conversation with @Pergamentus, @tpbradley and @Fuellemann. After opening my file on my MacBook Pro, the majority of changes made on my iMac that was saved to DropBox were missing.
I just don’t know if a solution was found for the user to fix or If the files need to be sent to support.

Seems like lots of folks are having issues with saving RW project files to Dropbox. I don’t know what might be going on, might be a Dropbox issue or a RapidWeaver one.

The workaround that seems to work is to close the project on one computer and zip it and save it to Dropbox. Then on the second computer pull the project zip file to the local drive and unzip and work with it there.

I don’t use Dropbox for much so I can’t say for sure. What might be causing the issue?

I appreciate you getting back to Mesa Villa quickly. I will do exactly what you say and see if that works for me.

@teefers advice is the safest route to take. I don’t approach the situation in the same way, but it’s almost failsafe.

I do use Dropbox and did experience some syncing weirdness about a month ago with a RW project. I have not experience the problem since that time, and the weirdness with sync (on various projects) seemed to last for about a week. Put differently I think the issue you are experiencing is with Dropbox, not RW.

What I did at the time was pull a project out of Dropbox, work on it, then drag a copy of it back into the relevant Dropbox folder. All then worked fine. It’s essentially the same “solution” as @teefers without doing the zipping.

… however you may want to check for posts about “missing links”. I did not experience this issue, but I also don’t use the resources feature of RW (I manually FTP all my resources). This seemed to have a different solution.

I have the same setup, and store my whole site folder on Dropbox. On my iMac the Dropbox folder is on a second disk called ‘Data HD’, and on my MacBook Pro it is on the main disk called ‘Macintosh HD’.
This means that files on my iMac have a different path compared to the same files on my MacBook Pro. The different paths are the cause of missing links, if you refer to files directly (in resources, or perhaps also elsewhere). You can ‘store resources inside the site file’, so the path problems go away for those files.

Also, I never open the same file on both Macs at the same time, nor in a short time between sessions. I always let Dropbox sync first. Large RW files of 700MB might take a some minutes to sync.

Makes sense, but How do you ‘store resources inside the site file’?


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Under Advanced Settings in the left-hand inspector (below your pages). Set “Site Resources” to “Copy into the document”.

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