Writing Alt Tags in photos is super slow

when typing alt tags for photos, the text shows up super slowly, one character every 2 to 5 seconds. I have tried reloading the software, doing a complete clean install on the mac, but nothing helps. In the activity monitor there is nothing showing up as near to full capacity.

Am using version 8.5.1 on Mojave 10.14.6.

Has nayone had similar issues ? Any fixes ?

Where are you typing the alt tag? Is it a stacks page? If so what stack?

I tried stacks image and stacks site image as well as a couple other stacks and all is okay for me.

  • RW 8.5.1
  • Mojave 10.14.6
  • Stacks 4.0.4.

The site is a theme from RapdiWeaver 7. I don’t believe I am using stacks. I’m simply double clicking on the image within the web page, inserting the alt tag, & doing a border & a shading. The borders & shading are a tad slow, the inserting of the tag is taking 10 to 30 sends a tag.

Kinda need to know what page type you are using? If not stacks is it styled text?

Don’t know what theme you are using(shouldn’t make a difference), but I can drag an image onto a styled text page, double click it and the alt tag works fine.

If it’s styled text that seems to work okay as well.

You might try with a new empty project and add a page and see if it’s something with the project.

AM using the voyager theme, & doing the editing straight out of Rapid Weaver.

Tried opening a new project, blank page, add a photo, same problem. It’s a big issue, cos my site is a photo website.

If you tell me what you need to know, & where to find the info, I can tell you more. I attached a screenshot.

It looks like your Preferences are set to use Generic Page icons, so I can’t tell from the screenshot what page type you are using.

What type of page are you talking about?

When you add a photo, how are you adding it from where?

page type I don’t know, they are existing pages on the site stored on my ssd, & when I want a new page, I simply duplicate an old one & rename it.

I drag & drop the photos from Adobe Bridge, then double click on the image to reveal the window where I add the alt tag & do boarders & shading.

How do I find from an existing page what type of page it is - I have a feeling it is styled text, but I cannot be sure.

It worked fine under RW 7 maybe a year back, it’s only in the last month I’ve got back into updating the site, which involved going to RW 8, & now anything to do with data or changes in the photo pup-up windows is slow…

In RW Preferences, uncheck, “Use generic page icons”. The page icons will change to one of the ones in Doug’s screenshot.

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Btw, like Doug, I’m not seeing this issue. I just tried with a new, blank project set to the Voyager theme. I’m running 8.5.1.

As a test, try using an image from your desktop, instead of dragging one from Adobe Bridge.

Putting an image on the desktop, & dragging & dropping it from there make no difference to the renaming speed for the tag

I unchecked use generic pages, & when I click on the + button it goes to the initial option blog.

If I add a new styled text page & drag & drop a photo from the desktop, & try to rename it, it’s still slow…

Part of the problem is, I’m a photographer, not a software guy !!

My best guess is you are using styled text. The Icon will now give you the clue, Here are some common Icon page types:
Try this:

  • close the current large project,
  • start a new project Shift+Commaand+n
  • add a styled text page
  • drag a picture from the desktop
  • click to edit

If that is still slow, my guess is something is up with your Mac or setup? I’m able to do that and get an instant response.

If that works okay, then it’s probably something to do with the large project file. Where are you storing the project file?

da, that works just fine !!

the site is stored on a 1 TB SSD that is part of an OWC Mini Raid connected by Thunderbolt, it’s all from late 2015. But I can access the photos via Bridge super fast, & edit them on Photoshop no issues at all, & they’re all on the same RAID enclosure & Thunderbolt connection, & even on the same SSD.

When I opened the drive, there were 2 icons the same danme

for the website, one for RW 7 is around 2.3GB & not sued since November 2019, & the other is the one I am using now, is for RW 88, & is 1.93GB. I have moved the RW7 one to another drive, but it hasn’t made it faster. Has something gone wrong in the shift from 7 to 8 ??

danme = name

saorry, too fast

danme = name

not used = not used

BW88 = RW8

I think RW8 stores drag and drop images for styled text in the resources drawer. I don’t remember how RW7 stored them?

I don’t work a lot with styled text, almost everything I do is on stacks.

First thing I’d check is under advanced settings (Left sidebar) see what it says for site resources:

Make sure it is set as Copy into the document (that’s the default for new projects now, but your project is older one).

Sorry for the delayed response. Just back from a short notice business trip.

It is in “copy into document”

Those project files are huge. We still haven’t established yet what type of page you are using?

In RW8 Open up the inspector and open the page window:

Since you are storing the resources within the project document, it could be the drive setup. Have you tried copying the complete project file over to your main drive?

What does the project resource drawer look like? Are all the images in the project showing up?
Do you have a URL that we can have a look at?

Your are in deep deep trouble and need to take action immediately. When you write that your RW Project file is almost 2 Gb in size that’s the biggest indicator that your approach to web design is not working. If you continue you will probably cause your project file to “explode” and not function.

My guess is that your actual website also runs really slowly. I may be wrong, but it would be useful to provide a link so we can see and provide better support.

Essentially there are at least 3 possible things going wrong here:

  1. you are using images that have NOT been optimized for the web. As a very general rule of thumb you want each image go be no larger than 300 k. I am imagining you have several images over 1 Mb, but I may be wrong.
  2. you have a very very large number of images you are using. Even if your images have been optimized for the web, if you have too many on a page this may cause problems.
  3. both 1 & 2: images too large and too many of them

What’s the solution? To help we really need a URL. But the basic idea will be at the very least this:

  1. optimize your images for the web (may or may not be needed)
  2. upload your images directly to your hosting server (this can be done with FTP software or with a stack like Repository)
  3. replace your images in your website with links to them at their remote location

My guess is these 3 steps will reduce your project size from 2 Gb to well well under 100 Mb.

Of course you can choose to do none of these steps. But RW is already telling you it’s about to crash and burn. If you ignore these warning signs the worst will happen: perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in a year. But it will definitely happen.

OK - it says styled text - see attached.

I resize the photos in Photoshop via a batch action to 1080 wide & 100 ppi before I use them in the pages, but there are 100’s upon 100’s, my guess is maybe 1,800 in the entire site, the vast majority less than 300 kb, most are half that.

The issue was not a case of gradually it got slower - it only got slower, & immediately, on the change to RW8, in RW7 last year was fine.

Website is www.stewartduthie.com

the latest uploaded pages, done on RW8, are under


and the associated monthly links.

That I see & know, the pages load fine – but you can check. They upload fine from RW8, the only issue is the typing the text into the alt tag box is slow as…

and, on copying the entire site file from the external Thunderbolt 2, 4 bay enclosure SSD onto the internal MacPro SSD, it is definitely much faster doing the alt tag.

The 1st time perfect, subsequent 20 times a bit slower, not instant, but much faster than before from the external drive.

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