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my English is very poor. Therefore I use DeepL for help. I hope that my question is understandable. A friend has created a page for me with the program Rapi Weaver 8. So far so good. In the upper area we have set up various menu items. The same menu items are also at the very bottom of the page. However, the individual items are not separated. So for example the “animal odoursImprintPrivacy” to be written through. Since we have tried different things, we have given up. Is it possible to adjust the font colour to the background, so that you can’t see any more ? Thanks for the help.

Hello @Treatment

If you are able to provide us a link to a published test page, I am certain someone on these forums can help you.

Most style changes to websites are done with code called CSS. The exact code to use depends on different factors like the theme and how the page was built.

That is why it is important to provide a link, so we can see the page and existing code you have already.


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