I was wondering how to get rid of of the title Q Artists Cooperative above the tool bar. We are using Affinity theme.


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I don’t know, but how can I find out more about Jody Beighley from qartists.com? Also, it looks like your event should occur in 2018 instead of 2108.

Can you check and see if Q Artists Cooperative was entered in the body window of the site wide code settings? It appears on all your pages, so that is why I suspect that to be the cause.

Then republish all files. Hope that helps.

Hey it worked. Thanks so much. Is was a simple fix once I did as you suggested.

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Glad it worked. It seems to have fixed the problem of your pages loading slowly and kind of stalling on the images. You might want to resize the images on the home page - the files are way bigger than the dimension of the images on the page, so if you resize and optimize them the page will load that much faster.

We are in the middle of someone else taking over the website, but I will check out your suggestion. Thank you so much.

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