Xcode updates…what do you think, RealMac/

So, with the new Xcode and Swift updates what is your opinion, RealMac?

I think it all looks great, but it’s a bit early to say how good this years updates are just yet!

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Definitely preproduction machine required. I learned a long time ago not to update or change to beta on any machine I want to use for production work.

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One of my iPads has been updated with the developer beta. So far not much happening. Siri does understand much, much better and the Calculator and Math features are nice, but these are to earth changing updates.

On the positive side, if there is a lot of next generation code under the hood that is the foundation for what they are going to give us for the new GenAI stuff, it has not affected the speed or stability of the iPad. That seems to be a good sign. But, there is not enough stuff to try to determine if things are really good or bad yet.