XLoom theme question

I am wondering how to add a Title or Slogan to the first page. The theme in the page-inspector has the option to shadow Title and Slogan etc, but if I give in a Title and or slogan on that page nothing happens. I tried numerous styles available in the theme but no luck. I must be doing something wrong

Anyone who has XLoom know how to make this work? What I want to achieve is a text in the top of the page (on top of the background)



Xloom provides some additions for the title but you can set the title content directly on RW

In the SETTING/GENERAL field or RW you can set title and slogan for all pages

moreover, in the right sidebar in RW ( in each page) you can set title/slogan in a single page

another way: if you want you can hide the title and add the text directly in the background image, in this case you must edit the body image in RW6 or the banner image in RW7;

RW7: select the “banner image”

Drag your image ( with the title) in the banner field