Help with Headers

How do I add a slogan to a header? I am using the DC Wood Frame theme and would like to put a slogan or verbage on the top piece of wood in each webpage…can I do this without purchasing a stack? thanks

A URL to at least a test page would be helpful.

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My first suggestion would be to change the theme you are using. It’s an older theme and is non-responsive. It’s unreadable on Phones and doesn’t look good on the iPad.

If you want to stay with that theme, I’m not familiar with it, but it looks to have at least one Extra content area up in the header portion. I would look at the theme documentation and see if you could use that. The other simpler option would be to add the text you wanted to the Title area or the Slogan area on each page. You can override the sitewide defaults on the page inspector.


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