Payloom 3 is Here!

##The Original RapidWeaver Shopping Cart Plugin!

Payloom is a RapidWeaver 6 plugin that creates a powerful shopping cart for your web site that is both gorgeous and easy to use. Setting up an online store in RapidWeaver has never been easier. Payloom is fully functional right inside RapidWeaver’s Preview mode, no need to publish before seeing your changes.

##Standard & Pro Versions Available
With the release of Payloom 3 we are now offering 2 different versions of the plugin, Standard and Pro. The Standard version has all the features you have come to love along with all the new features added for version 3. The Pro version has some powerful features added making it all you need to have your own custom online store. Some Pro features include Stripe Integration, Customer Emails, Order Saving, Digital File Delivery, plus much much more. Visit our web site for a full break down.

##New Hotness

###Preview inside RapidWeaver
See your changes immediately inside of RapidWeaver Preview mode. Add products, adjust settings and tweak the styles, then in an instant, see how your shopping cart looks and functions. NO PUBLISHING NEEDED.

Payloom 3 created pages are now fully mobile friendly. The page will scale and adjust based on the size of the device screen. So have no fear if your customers are on an iPhone, iPad or iMac, things will look good every time.

###No Monthly Fees & Unlimited Products
Payloom 3 is a stand alone product that you host on your own web host. This means that you have NO Monthly fees to pay after you buy the Payloom plugin. You are not limited with Payloom. Unlimited products, unlimited product options, unlimited domains.

###Standard and Pro Versions
Payloom 3 now comes in two separate versions. The Standard version works with PayPal only. The Pro version works with Stripe ( for Credit Card Orders ) and a Check/Cash payment option ( No processing ).

###Plays Well With Stacks
Payloom 3 includes a Remote import stack. Simply build a Payloom 3 page within your RapidWeaver® project, then place it on any Stacks page.

###Add Extra Checkout Fields
Need more information from your customer? If so, then add what you need to the checkout form. This includes things like name, address, city, state, etc…

###Multiple Images
Each product can now have multiple images. No need to type in long URLs for each image, in Payloom 3 you just drag and drop. Too easy!

###Digital File Delivery (Pro)
Sell digital product and have the files delivered to your customers automatically. Payloom 3 will send your customers a secure / expiring link they can use to acquire their digital purchase.

###Save Orders to MySQL (Pro)
Payloom 3 will save all your orders to your MySQL database. Once saved, Payloom 3 provides a searchable table that can be used to filter orders and view order details.

##Upgrade for up to 50% Off

Payloom 3 Standard is $29.95 ( $14.95 Upgrade Price* ) Payloom 3 Pro w/ Stripe Support is $49.95 ( $34.95 Upgrade Price* )