Members Stack Yuzool Users can't log in

We use the Members Stack from Yuzool and are running the current version. Today we started receiving several emails from our members unable to log in and access the site. I looked over the site and ran any updates, republished the files, and still was unable to log in. I even tried to log in from preview mode in RW and log in is not working. Anyone else experiencing the same issues?

I believe Youzool is out of business. At the very least they haven’t been active for years. So it’s not surprising the stack may not work anymore. There have been changes to PHP (which I think that stack relies upon) aso if not updated it’s going to have problems.

It’s probably best to look for another stack or method to do the same thing. There are several other options including Sitelok (Buy Membership Software and Systems Online UK | Vibralogix) and User Access Management (inStacks Software | UserAccess Stack). These other products are actively maintained. For instance, Yuzool sometimes would not properly put out their product so checking for latest updates via RW wouldn’t work. Don’t know in your case if there’s a more recent version.


Thanks Matthew! I went ahead and purchased the stacks fro Joe Workman. I appreciate your time in responding and giving the suggestions.

@mbird Glad you found an alternative that works well for you!