A few questions regarding a Yuzool stack

This is in regards to @yuzool’s new stack. I love the look of the navigation, especially on mobile. Three quick questions:
• Can dividers be placed between the navigation elements?
• In addition to the hamburger menu, can we also have the word MENU appear?
• For the logo, can we use an SVG that will be responsive?
• What happens to the dropdown when the wording is longer in a submenu than the top level? I assume the entire dropped column is sized appropriately, but that the top level stays smaller?
• If there are too many levels for them to be displayed to the right, what happens? Imagine in your example if Levels Example was a couple slots to the right. Level Four wouldn’t fit on-screen.

Nice work - for the theme I usually use, navigation is the only component that I wish were more robust.


Just saw his new stack… looks good, would like to see the options this stack has before purchasing:
Its good to see menu stacks being developed for Foundation, UI kit, Foundry, etc.


you can see at least some of the settings available in one of the pages that the demo site links to: http://demo.yuzoolthemes.com/navigation/page-7/page-13/


I added a couple of questions to my post above.

I love the look and feel, but before forking over $20, I need to be sure it’s going to fit my needs.

Many thanks,



Glad it has been well received :slight_smile:

Nice work - for the theme I usually use, navigation is the only component that I wish were more robust.

Its good to see menu stacks being developed for Foundation, UI kit, Foundry, etc.

This is why it is exists! :wink:

Added BlankStrap demo from @instacks also:

Any questions @rolisize - just let me know

@Dave your questions:

  • For desktop, that’s not an option but will bear it in mind for next round of updates

  • Hamburger only at the moment

  • The logo is taken from RW Logo settings so whatever goes in there and if it works, it can be used

  • Yes

  • If there are too many levels then they go off screen so you have to think about that in the layout of the pages and navigation in this version.

  • thanks for all the feedback and will add in more options as time goes on :+1:


Thanks for your responses, Michael. As much as I LOVE Foundation, the one element that I’ve long wished was more robust, especially on mobile devices, is the menu. With that in mind, I just purchased your Navigation stack. Now, I’m hopeful that you can add the following two options with the next release:
• Ability to add a word to the hamburger menu
• Divider lines between the elements.

I have personally run into many instances where the client specifically wants one or the other, or both. In fact, I have two sites under construction now where the client will NOT let me use this stack because it can’t say MENU. (I know, right? But, the client is adamant, so, I will continue to use TopBar).


I’m interested - what do you find to be ‘not robust’ about top bar or BWD menu stacks?

Thanks @yuzool for your reply! Is it possible to have the toggle menu icon to show in desktop mode? Similar to this option available in foundations top bar.


Hey @manofdogz, so as not to hijack this thread, I’ve opened up a new thread detailing what I really want in a navigation stack (this one is almost there…add in the options mentioned above and I’m one happy camper), and detailing why I really don’t like TopBar in mobile devices. I love it, by the way (in conjunction with TBS) for desktops.


Sounds like a plan and will try and got those in @dave - thanks for the feedback!

Thanks @yuzool for your reply! Is it possible to have the toggle menu icon to show in desktop mode? Similar to this option available in foundations top bar.

At the moment that’s not an option @rolisize - but will consider that in the next update also :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback all and updates coming soon!

Wahooo! Thanks all for the great feedback here and via email.

Version 1.1 Free update is here!



  • Video here posted to YouTube to show some of the options as demo doesn’t really do it justice!
  • :white_check_mark: Hamburger option can now be set for desktop with breakpoint setting

There’s also 10+ skins added too like this Pill demo :slight_smile:

And Font Awesome in text items and the menu can be aligned left…

And another great idea emailed in : to make the fixed transparent navigation go from transparent to a colour (with a setting):

Changelog Full list:


  • NEW: 11 Skins added for quick stylising! Borders, Pills, Strips, Boxed, Shadow and many more! Adjust the colours and sizes and make a powerful high-quality menu style in seconds.
  • NEW: Align menu items left or right! (Not just right side…)
  • NEW: Add any text (optional) before the burger menu on mobile. E.g. the word “MENU” - or not!
  • NEW: Option for Z-index of Navigation Bar to balance overlay layers on your site
  • NEW: Add items divider between menu items - the colour and the thickness also
  • NEW: Add a logo via a Stacks Image. Benefit is an alternative to the easiest logo option adding from the RapidWeaver settings - means can change the logo per page if needed. And…
  • NEW: SVG logo support compatible! Drop in via RapidWeaver Settings.
  • NEW: Warehouse imaging setting for Logo also!
  • NEW: Breakpoints to add when the Hamburger menu kicks in! This avoids seeing menus on multiple lines at certain points.
  • NEW: Logo set width and also margin from top
  • NEW: Set width and margin from top individually for mobile viewports too
  • NEW: Scroll to solid colour! Scroll from transparent fixed navigation to a solid colour background which you can set
  • NEW: Font Awesome 5 added! Add Icons before or after your text items
  • NEW: Dropdown items can now show sub menu items to the left so not to go off screen if right side menu option


  • Tidied up brand logo options
  • Tidied up Mobile Navigation options
  • Link is now easier to add to Logo

This is a really solid update and makes this the best Navigation Stack for Foundry, Foundation, Freestack, Blankstrap and all themes.

Thanks to all of you for the feedback and helping us get this far :slight_smile:

Happy Weaving!

Thanks Dave for this:


Version 1.1.5 is here! Update emails sent out :slight_smile:

It’s now easier to add Fonts according to the theme (thanks @Mathew for this one)
** Before:

** Now: (select “Theme”)

** Option for Block Capital Menu items:

** And Mobile and Tablet Logo Warehouse image overrides with Sizes!

** And some Table icon refinement settings:

Full list:


  • NEW: Inherit fonts option - easier to do now!
    (Along with custom so no typing necessary)
  • NEW: Block capital fonts option for menu items
  • NEW: More responsive logo settings. Override desktop logo with Warehouse versions of Mobile and Tablet logos - and independent width and height settings
  • NEW: Top and width settings added for Tablet logo


  • Brand logo colour override on some themes

Thanks to all who emailed in with these suggestions and on the forums.

Happy Navigation Building!


Stay in this thread for Navigation updates:

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