Yuzool Navigation Stack: Content doesn't start below Nav bar when fixed

Yuzool introduced a new option for the Nav Stack to ‘Start Content Below Navigation’ and this works fine with a scrolling menu. However, if I select a Fixed Menu, the Start Content Below option has no effect.

Is this normal? If so can it be made to work?

There seems to be a conflict with some themes. An easy work around is to just add padding of about 60px to the bottom of the nav stack.

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Yes I’m aware, but adding the padding whilst leaving the option on seems to possibly be causing the page to load further down than it should. This is very much a theory as I’m seeing the problem in Safari - it could well be something completely different.

Oh, I see. I don’t use “pre-packaged themes” - just either Foundation or the “Void” theme ( a “blank” theme) with Stacks - and in those I just use padding ( or a “spacer stack”) and turn the “Start Content Below Navigation” off.

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I also normally use Foundation - certainly for this project. However, if the option to start content below navigation is there, it ought to work! For me it only works with a standard nav bar, not a fixed one. All I want to know is whether this is normal or a bug for this stack. I haven’t read anywhere it only works for non-static nav bar.

Any links @manofdogz ?

Can’t show on dev site at present as doing other things. However I can email you a screen movie (13MB) of the issue if that helps?

Essentially, as soon as I select ‘Fixed menu’ the option to '‘Start Content below Navigation’ becomes ineffective.

The movie shows this in a test Foundation project using only Header Pro and Paragraph Pro stacks for content.

Just sent you a message on this forum, you can reply with a link to the video there.

It’s much easier to see with code examples but will give it a try. If you add margin/padding to the first Stack below the menu though, it will fix this

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