Yuzool Wall Stack - Pinterest ok in preview but not working on site

When I do preview in Rapid Weaver it shows my Pinterest post but when publish it does not show the posts.
Anyone know whey?

Please send me our Pinterest ID (by DM is fine)

Pinterest is working as per the demo:

Can you send me the URL of where you published? It could be that not all files were published…


Pinterest Id and board CVROwnerClub/Carvers

URL is http://www.cvr-oc.info/Social/



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Thanks @jonnieb

I just exported using your Pinterest ID:

It seems to work and your site has an error:

Let me suggest Republish all files and if that doesn’t work try export to desktop then FTP to the server.

Tried deleting all files and republishing did not work, exported and ftp’ed did not work

Created a new project and uploaded http://www.cvr-oc.info/Wall-Test/ still does not work

But when previewing in rapidweaver it is ok

Could be it something to do with the theme I am using?

I have updated and used another Theme and it is still the same OK in rapidweaver preview but does not work when published either locally on to webhosting, strange as the other social media (twitter, facebook, instagram all work)

It’s still showing the same error - so something is missing somewhere.

Thanks for sending me the project :+1:

Let me test it then email it back with any amends :slight_smile:

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