Quick Look preview not working?

Hi folks,

I have 6 RW projects on my computer. 2 of them, no matter what I tried, won’t show the previews in the Projects screen and they won’t do Quick Look in Finder.

They just give me the Lego block picture.

I’ve used qlmanage to reset the cache etc but to no avail.

One of them was actually showing the preview last night but this morning it was not doing that anymore.

I’ve checked Preferences and checked / unchecked / rechecked the “Enable Quick Look Previews” option a few times…no luck.

Any ideas?


I believe that is a known bug in RW 6.3.5?

If you’re seeing a “Stacks” image (i.e. lego bricks) this is due to the Stacks plugin, and can be set to not happen in the Stacks preferences.


That did the trick! Thank you nikf!!

Sorry for the misinformation…

No worries. Appreciate you’re just trying to help. Thanks.